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Join NextGen's 2021 Leadership Lab for Young Professionals

Our Leadership Lab for Young LGBTQ+ Professionals is designed especially to give you the skills, network and inspiration you need to expand your contributions to your team, organization and community. You don’t need to have a long list of early leadership accomplishments under your belt to be admitted. Your commitment to service and potential to make a positive difference are just as important. 

NextGen Leaders is committed to recruiting a diverse cohort of individuals from all backgrounds, professions and geographies. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, elected officials and educators, artists and activists, if it’s time to take your career to a new level or in a new direction, let us help you make that happen.

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NextGen Leaders’ programs are rigorous and affirming of our fellows’ identities. Our programs are free to our fellows but require an investment of time and energy that could be described as “significant but reasonable.”  At NextGen Leaders, diversity is a driving motivation.  Our goal is to admit cohorts whose members are diverse, aspirational and mutually supportive. Promise and potential as a leader are just as important as early career accomplishments.

The Leadership Lab for Young Professionals is designed specifically for people between 21 and 30 years of age who are ready to advance into early management roles or who have already been tapped to take on more responsibility and wish to either gain new skills or brush up on others that have become rusty.  The Young Professionals Lab also typically attracts aspiring or early-career public servants, entrepreneurs who are planning or have recently launched a new business and young people who may be rethinking their first career choice.

Our Leadership Framework

NextGen Leaders has developed a carefully designed, integrated framework for leadership development for LGBTQ+ professionals.  This framework serves as the foundation for all we do, whether a multi-day Leadership Lab,  or a one-evening Alumni networking event, whether we are live and in-person or connecting with you virtually.  

Overarching everything is one simple understanding: If you are queer, you are amazing, and you bring important talents, perspectives, knowledge, insights and dreams to everything you do.  NextGen Leaders will only ever affirm and support who you are, and help you discover, embrace and nurture the best, most authentic you possible.

The LGBTQ+ Young Professionals Leadership Lab is a strengths-based program that addresses leadership from three interdependent perspectives:
Tony Prophet, Chief Equality and Recruiting Officer at Salesforce, speaking to NextGen Fellows

Personal Leadership

How we care for and manage ourselves and our personal relationships.

Professional Leadership

How we lead at work and advance our careers to maximize our satisfaction and our contributions to organizational and team success.

Civic Leadership

How we give back.

“NextGen has been a truly life-changing experience for me and many other LGBT+ early-career professionals. The most meaningful part of NextGen has been the network and opportunities that came afterwards as a direct result of my involvement. I count myself among numerous NextGen success stories that include Knight-Hennessy Scholars, folks pursuing public service and Forbes 30 Under 30 listmakers.”
Michael Hamamoto Tribble
Public Data at Google Cloud and NextGen Alum ‘19

Leadership Lab Gallery

Meet Your Faculty

2021 LGBTQ+ Leadership Lab for Young Professionals

Pamela Stewart

President, West Operations, North America Operations Unit, The Coca-Cola Company

Ken McNeely

President, AT&T, Western Region

Sam Park

Member, Georgia State House of Representatives

Mike Simmons

Senator, Illinois State Senate

Gib Bulloch

Founder, The Craigberoch Business Decelerator; Author, The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent

Terry Howerton

CEO, TechNexus

Mark Takano

U.S. Representative (CA-41)

LaWana Mayfield

Candidate, Charlotte, NC, City Council, At-Large

Louis Vega

President, Dow North America

Gordon McGregor

International Meditation and Mindful Living Coach

Joyce Rowland

Former SVP and Chief Human Resources and Ethics Officer, Sempra Energy

Annise Parker

President & CEO, LGBTQ Victory Fund & Institute

John Tedstrom

Founder, Next Generation Leaders

JD Schramm

Educator, Consultant, and Author, "Communicate with Mastery"

David & John Auten-Schneider

Debt Free Guys blog & Queer Money podcast

Amy Waninger

CEO, Lead At Any Level

Additional Faculty
To Be Announced

“NextGen helped make me a better leader in my community. Working alongside John Tedstrom and the rest of the team with NextGen continues to be an amazing experience. After wrapping up with my cohort... and as I launch my campaign for Los Angeles City Council, NextGen continues to stick by my side and provide guidance, encouragement and networking opportunities!”
David Cunningham
Candidate for Los Angeles City Council ‘22
NextGen Alum ‘19

Partners and Sponsors

To become a NextGen Leaders sponsor and demonstrate your commitment to the success of your LGBTQ+ team members, please contact Robbie Martin.

Conference Schedule

At the center of the NextGen experience are our Leadership Labs. The 2021 Leadership Lab for Young LGBTQ+ Professionals is strategically designed so you get the most out of your time with us.  You'll see that the Labs are interactive, oriented on must-have skills, and centered on vexing problems that keep senior leaders up at night. Labs also provide ample opportunities to network with people that are your natural supporters and champions.  Finally, Leadership Labs are a safe space, governed by mutual respect and a commitment to fostering professional and personal growth. In our Labs, Fellows explore, with each other, our faculty, and coaches, big, complex and sometimes sensitive issues, always with an open mind and open heart and in a spirit of collaboration.   

9:00 AM | Welcoming Remarks; Orientation; Ice Breaker
9:30 AM | Make Mindfulness The Foundation of Your Leadership 
10:30 AM | Panel Discussion: Why LGBTQ+ People are Essential to Ending Racism

11:30 AM | Breakout Groups:  Developing An Anti-Racism Agenda and Toolkit

12:00 PM | Harness the Uncommon Power of Networking Beyond Bias

12:45 PM | Coaching on Constructive Communications Around Race
2:00 PM | Networking & Career Connections
9:00 AM | Welcome and Reflection   

10:00 AM | Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World 

11:00 AM | Four Essential Leadership Lessons I’ve Never Shared With Anyone

12:00 AM | Financial Strategies for Young Queer Leaders 
1:30 PM | Networking & Career Development

9:00 AM – Welcome Address

9:30 AM – Financial Stratagies for Emergining Queer Leaders

10:30 AM – Strengthsfinder

11:30 AM – So You Think You Want to Run For Office?

12:30 PM – Success Stories

1:00 PM – Breakout Sessions
(Strengthsfinder or DebtFree Guys)

2:00 PM – Career Development / Networking

"Thank you for the connections and support you offered in the Next Generation LGBT Leaders fellowship. It's only with this vast community in my corner that I felt prepared to run for Washington state legislature!"
Emily Randall
Senator and Majority Whip, Washington State Senate
NextGen Alum ‘17

Apply for the Leadership Lab

The Young LGBTQ+ Professional's Leadership Lab is free, but space is limited. We must have your complete application before we can confirm this is the right program for you.