Who We Are

NextGen Leaders is the only organization dedicated exclusively to providing strategic career support to young LGBTQ+ professionals who possess the aspiration, discipline and raw talent needed to succeed as leaders in their fields. Our programs are rigorous, innovative, affirming of our participants and produce results.  Diversity throughout our organization, from our Boards to our vendors, our leadership, staff, faculty and our Fellows, is a driving priority. 

NextGen Fellows come from every corner of the economy, civil society and the public sector.  Admission into the Fellowship happens at the end of a straight forward yet careful and carefully constructed admissions process. NextGen Fellows are selected as much for their leadership potential and what they can bring to the experience of others in their cohort, as they are for their early-career accomplishments. Most of our programs are offered free to our Fellows, ensuring that those who come from less abundant backgrounds have the same opportunity as those who are better resourced.

NextGen Leaders was launched in 2016 to ensure that LGBTQ professionals can contribute to their full potential. Structured initially as an initiative of the Coca-Cola Company and managed by Tedstrom Associates, the results of our two-year pilot phase have been so strong in California that we have accelerated our plans to expand throughout the U.S. To facilitate this, we are establishing an independent 501 c(3) organization that will allow other companies and foundations to partner with us. Resource Impact is the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor for NextGen Leaders, Inc.

Our Vision

NextGen Leaders envisions a world in which LGBTQ people:

  • are fairly represented in leadership roles in every corner of our communities;
  • lead boldly, inclusively, ethically, with empathy and a commitment to advancing equality for all people; and
  • contribute to the betterment of society to the fullest extent of their abilities.

Our Mission

NextGen Leaders contributes to that vision by building a growing, diverse network of LGBTQ professionals and providing them with leadership education, opportunities to grow and diversify their networks and inspiration to tackle bigger challenges, advance their careers and expand their abilities to contribute to society.